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Meet Beverly Crump

Dr. Beverly Crump is one of the best Counselors in Columbus Ohio, a life coach, minister, and a leader in the community. She holds a doctorate degree in education. She works with patients that struggle to live their life to the fullest. She helps them remove obstacles and barriers that prevent them from reaching their goals. Over the years, she has helped people with their spiritual and personal transformation, mental health challenges, phobias, depression, trauma, addictions, and grief. She uses cognitive behavioral, and solution-focused techniques. She works with the whole family system. Life is a gift, and she wants to help her patients discover that wisdom. No matter what the challenge, she is here to assist you.

Meet Jarrod Beyler

Jarrod Beyler graduated from the University of Akron with a Master’s degree in Social Work.  He was born in Orrville, Ohio and raised in rural Ohio. Before social work he served in the United States Army on active duty and reserves for six years with one tour to Afghanistan.  He has worked with many populations including veterans, children, and adults suffering from mental health conditions.  While going to school he assisted the Akron Fire Department REACH program to help link people with various services and therapy.  He has facilitated group therapy sessions with adults and children.  He loves helping people get their lives back on track!