Our Counselors

Meet Brooke Drost

Brooke Drost graduated with Master’s in Social Work in 2021. She has worked with adults providing individual counseling and worked as a hospital social worker. She is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and loves to assist clients in getting better! She is originally from northeast Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking, coaching volleyball, and spending time with her three dogs and her family. She is in this field because she loves people and wants to help the world become a better place!


Meet Kelli Skaggs

Kelli Skaggs is a counselor and holds a master’s degree in social work from The Ohio State University. Whether you are new to therapy or you have explored it in the past, she strives to meet you where you are and help get you where you want to be. She has years of experience working in holistic consultation with adults and seniors experiencing depression, anxiety, and mood concerns related to life changes, grief, illness, relational issues, substance use and other stressors. While she specializes in working with those facing critical illness, grief, loss, and bereavement, she is skilled and extensively trained in helping clients work through trauma, gender identity, substance use, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, OCD and adult ADHD. Kelli is here for her patients and wants to help you make changes in your life!


Meet Tamryn van der Walt

Tamryn Van Der Walt is a counselor who holds a master’s degree in social work and is licensed in the state of Ohio. She obtained her degrees from Ohio University in Athens, where she grew up. She has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of clinical contexts. Tamryn loves to work with her patients, helping them navigate the obstacles, challenges, and trials life brings, utilizing a cognitive behavioral therapy framework. Tamryn also works as a clinical medical social worker in a hospital setting, helping individuals and families navigate through health crises. Tamryn would love to help you with your life transition or challenges you are facing!

Meca Seward

Meet Meca Seward

Meca Seward is a counselor and holds a master’s degree in social work from Ohio University. She has a wide variety of experiences and has worked in correctional facilities with inmates, in outpatient settings with patients impacted by HIV, and in private practice helping adults overcome substance addictions, sexual addictions, and other mental health conditions. She has supervised other practitioners, lead therapeutic groups, and has been a leader in her community helping with the Black Lives Matter movement. Meca is passionate about helping patients reach their goals, improve their lives, and heal from trauma. She is determined to help all that need mental health guidance. She uses a variety of approaches that include strengths based perspective and cognitive behavioral approach.

Our counselor Mary-Farina

Meet Katie Farina

Katie Farina is a counselor who holds a master’s degree in social work from Case Western Reserve University. She is grateful and honored to be a part of her patients’ journey. Her goal is to help her patients uncover their true potential and help them lead a life that is worth celebrating. Katie strongly believes that while we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges. She enjoys helping adults who experience depression, anxiety, relationship problems, trauma, and are going through life transitions. She has extensive experience working with clients struggling with addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, and gambling. She is passionate about helping her patients achieve the life they deserve!


Meet Sarah Towning

Sarah Towning is a counselor and holds two master’s degrees from Case Western Reserve University, one in social administration and one in social work. In addition, she served our country as a Combat Medic and Medical Section Sergeant. Sarah is trained in trauma informed yoga. She is also certified in health education. Sarah works with clients ages 13 and up including crisis intervention, trauma, substance use, dual diagnosis, and domestic violence. She works with first responders, veterans, and active military. She also works with couples who experience legal involvement. Sarah views her clients as experts, placing herself in a learning role, allowing them to guide the therapy in a true co-working environment. Her clients describe her as creative, supportive, insightful, honest, flexible, empowering, and empathetic.


Meet Ariel Holtrey

Ariel Holtrey is a counselor and holds a master’s degree in social work and a minor in addiction studies from The University of Akron. She has experience working in a variety of psychiatric settings such as inpatient hospitals, intensive outpatient centers that focus on Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups, and agencies that serve the homeless. Ariel utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness to help her patients process emotions, trauma, and overcome challenges. She is passionate about empowering her patients, helping them grow, heal, and create positive changes in their lives. Ariel serves teens and adults and continues to learn and grow as a therapist.

Our Team

Meet Marisol Sedore

Marisol Sedore is a clinical licensed social worker and holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California.  In addition to English, Marisol speaks Spanish.  Marisol has many years of experience working with diverse populations that include refugees, survivors of torture, individuals experiencing addiction and substance abuse issues.  She has worked with children, adults, families, and the elderly.  She enjoys using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) framework to empower her patients to overcome adversities and reach their goals.  Marisol is passionate about promoting overall physical, emotional, social, environmental, financial and spiritual wellness.  Marisol wants to work together with you to help you reach your goals!  Trabajando juntos para lograr las metas!

Meet Tanisha Richardson

Tanisha Richardson is a clinical licensed independent social worker supervisor. She holds three master’s degrees and is a current Ph.D. candidate in Human Services. She is passionate about working with teens and adults who experience various mental health conditions. She is passionate about mind-body connection, mindfulness, and meditation. She can help you with any trauma-related or other conditions. She is trained in a variety of techniques-CBT, SFT, EMDR, hypnosis, and more. Life can be difficult, and she wants to help you find the right tools to make progress in your wellness journey!

Carla Rinaldi

Meet Carla Rinaldi

Carla Rinaldi is a counselor and holds two master’s degrees, one in social work and one in acupuncture. She graduated from Boise State University and American Institute of Alternative Medicine. She is a proud veteran of the United States Army National Guard and was honored with many awards, among them Army Commendation Medal and Iraq Campaign Medal. She has volunteered with many organizations and continues to serve her community with Make-A-Day Foundation serving the homeless in the Columbus area. She is passionate about mind-body connection and believes in the holistic approach to treatment. She believes we can heal in the right environment with the right mindset and support. She is here for you when you are ready to start your journey to become well.

Holistic Wellness Solution

Meet Joshua Adams

Joshua Adams is a clinical licensed social worker who earned his master’s degree from The Ohio State University.  He believes therapy is a journey toward healing and meaningful change. As difficult as your path may be, Joshua can guide you to forage new insights, perspectives, and solutions for your growth and well-being. Joshua is also a writer and editor who believes creativity is a natural tool for self-discovery and healing. He has worked with veterans and other populations to help them cope with trauma and challenges by using creative writing.  With a strengths-based and narrative approach, he believes that you have the power to edit your perspectives to reframe how you handle past, present, and future challenges. His practice is also grounded in spirituality, as he believes strong faith provides a sense of purpose and direction toward becoming your best self.

Meet Sian Lewis

Sian Lewis is a native of Great Britain. She graduated with Master’s in Social Work in 2013 and has been working as a licensed social worker ever since in the US but worked as a social worker before then in Great Britain. She has a variety of experiences ranging from working within the correction facilities, providing social work services to children in schools, providing counseling services to college students at the Ohio State University, being a hospital social worker, to working with victims of sex trafficking. She is excited to provide counseling services to patients at Holistic Wellness Solutions and is joining our team in January 2023!

Kayla Stemmer

Kayla holds a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati and recently graduated in 2022. Working in community mental health has provided Kayla with extensive experience working with trauma up close and personally. She is also training to become an intuitive eating certified clinician and will specialize in working with clients who struggle with eating disorders. Kayla appreciates working within a team that values their clients’ overall well-being and practices therapy very intentionally. She believes that therapy should be an individualized experience based on the client’s diagnosis, personality, history, and goals. Kayla’s goal is for her clients to leave their sessions feeling heard, valued, and like a collaborator in their therapy. Kayla has extensive experience in working with LGBTQ+ clients, gender identity, gender affirming care, and trauma.