Our Prescribers

Annamaria Pagani

Meet Annamaria Pagani

Annamaria Pagani is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and holds a master’s degree in nursing from graduated from Northern Kentucky University. She has worked as a nurse in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric facilities. She serves teens, adults, and seniors and believes that medications are sometimes needed to achieve best results when it comes to psychiatric conditions. Annamaria is passionate about mental health and works hard to advocate for her patients. Her philosophy is to treat each patient how she would want her own loved ones to be treated. She wants her patients to know that no matter what they are experiencing or have been through, they are worthy of being healthy and happy. She feels it’s important that her patients feel comfortable and validated in their feelings and experiences.


Meet Amy Everhart

Amy Everhart is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, and she holds a master’s degree in nursing from Walden University. She has over 10 years of nursing work experience and she has worked for various hospitals in medical surgical nursing, intermediate, and critical care nursing. Amy treats patients of all ages. She is passionate about working with patients who experience mental health challenges, and she truly appreciates the opportunity to be a part of her patients’ journey to wellness. Amy believes that patients are the experts in recognizing their needs and she coaches her patients to be active participants in their care places. She believes that together, positive changes can be made, and wellness can be created!

Holistic Team

Meet Heidi Gum

Heidi Gum is a physician’s assistant and has 22 years of experience providing services to patients in all different areas of medicine! Heidi is a certified urban Zen integrative therapist, certified adult trauma yoga therapist, and she is trained in Reiki, awareness meditation, and mindful nutrition. She embraces holistic approach, and she is trained in providing a whole person approach when it comes to psychiatry. She loves analyzing labs with her patients and connect any imbalances in vitamin, mineral, hormone, or electrolyte levels to their symptoms.  She uses integrative and functional medicine approach in her treatment approach.  She is a strong believer that a healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body!


Meet Nancy Palnik

Nancy Palnik is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and holds a master’s degree in nursing. She treats teens and adults aged 16 and older. She is experienced in treating a variety of disorders, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, and schizophrenia. Nancy understands the importance of treating the whole patient: heart, mind, soul, and physical body, and that a person’s relationships, family, work, and environment play an important role in health. Nancy also was a psychiatric clinical instructor for undergraduate and graduate nursing students at The Ohio State University College of Nursing, as well as worked in many outpatient mental health centers. Nancy continues to teach nursing students in a clinical setting and educates her patients on the importance of taking care of their mental health needs and provides psychiatry near me.

Meet Ariol Tafa

Ariol Tafa is a down-to-earth and welcoming psychiatric nurse practitioner with a master’s degree in nursing from Ursuline College. He speaks English, Italian, and Albanian. He believes in providing a safe space for his patients to share their concerns, problems, and dilemmas. He believes in helping patients find practical and achievable solutions. He is dedicated to genuinely understanding his patients and partnering with patients to find simple and effective ways to reach their goals. He provides skilled medication management for adolescents and adults with mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress and trauma-related disorders, schizophrenia, and addiction. He is passionate about mental health and can’t wait to help his patients reach their maximum potential! He is currently accepting new patients!

Meet Julianna Campbell

Julianna Campbell graduated with her Master’s degree in Nursing in 2022. Prior to working as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, she worked in a variety of settings as a registered nurse including OSU Harding Hospital. Her interest in psychiatry began with her stepfather, who was a psychiatrist. In college, in the 1980s, she volunteered for a domestic violence shelter and suicide hotline. She took every Psychology course offered by her undergraduate university as her electives. She chose Capital University for her nursing bachelor, Master’s degree, and faculty employment because Capital’s nursing programs are certified by the American Holistic Nurses’ Association. She is passionate about assisting patients who may be dealing with various mental health conditions.

Meet Michelle Meyer

Michelle is a dually board-certified Psychiatric NP and a Family NP. She has a comprehensive understanding of not only your mental health conditions, but also your physical ailments. She has a very strong belief in the connection between mental and physical health and wellness. She provides comprehensive, empathetic care to all her patients, and she spends the time necessary to do that. She specializes in adult behavioral health and offers diagnosis and treatment of behavioral health conditions through medication management. She is committed to being understanding, inclusive, and accepting. If you have a behavioral health issue, please feel free to reach out to our office and she will do her best to help you move forward and live your best life.